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One fatality prevented could change the course of history.   Creating a job is wonderful - creating a safe job for someone who wants and maybe needs to work for you is so much more.

April 2012
Statement by John Howard, M.D., Director, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), For Workers Memorial Day 2012
On April 28, [...]

Explosion rocks ERC – The News Record – News

Explosion rocks ERC – The News Record – News.

What Happened to the “E” in EH&S, Who Are All These “Sustainability” People and Where Have They Been All These Years?

Some organizations have “safety” wearing the E, the H AND the S hats and have them in leadership roles which position them to exploit this latest trend/rage.  They’ve reimaged their Environmental message as needed – and are using the momentum swing brought on by “sustainability” to a great advantage!  On the other hand, some with environmental protection in [...]

Worker health and safety - what will it take for business leaders to

Searching for business execs who protect their people, their property and the environment because of their ethics and morals. [...]

Laboratory Health, Safety and Environment

Let PP&EP use our 24 years of experience addressing hazards and control measures unique to the laboratory environment.  We have extensive experience in chemical, biological, radiological and other research and process orientated laboratories and a track record of proven solutions.  See our other services at the top.