Industrial Hygiene Surveys

Chemical – Personal and area chemical exposure assessments.  Results compared to ACGIH TLVs® unless specifically directed otherwise by the client and agreed to by PP&EP, Inc. 

Heat – Personal and area heat stress surveys using state of the art instrumentation.  Heat is a killer every year!  Protect your athletes, your outdoor workers and those working in high heat locations.   Results compared to ACGIH TLVs®.

Laboratory Animal Allergen – We work closely with the Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL), an agency of the United Kingdom’s, Health and Safety Executive in measuring rat and mouse specific allergen levels.  Quality assured to ISO 9001:2000 and UKAS requirements.

Mold (fungi) – Sampling where concerns around occupant health exist is used only on rare occasions.  Since there are no exposure limits for molds, our approach is based on what we have learned in over 20 years of experience to be the most effective and least costly approach.  

Nanomaterials – Using state-of-the-art aerosol measurement techniques, we are able to assess general exposure risk and quickly refocus on control strategies.

Noise – Personal noise dosimetry and area noise surveys.  Results compared to OSHA PELs and ACGIH TLVs®

Ventilation – Our showcase expertise! Laboratories and general industry local exhaust ventilation system assessments using state of the art instrumentation.   Comply with any of the series of ANSI/AIHA Z9 or ASHRAE/ANSI standards.