Process Safety Analyses

Employing one of a very limited number of individuals nationwide with formal academic preparation in systems safety analysis, PP&EP, Inc. is able analyze your processes using the nuances learned in University and practiced numerous times in “the real world” (e.g., pharmaceutical and chemical process operations).


  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis
  • Fault Hazard Analysis
  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis
  • Task Analysis
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Job Hazard Analysis

Sample Pharmaceutical Industry Projects

  • Scale-up, containment, processing and transportation of potent compounds
  • Sterilization of research instruments using ethylene oxide
  • Particle size reduction, blending, and transfer of combustible organic dusts
  • Process Safety Management
  • Implementation of a new, variable air volume fume hood control system and the risk of fire in sash-closed settings.

Sample Chemical Process Research Projects

  • Hydrogenation lab deflagration venting
  • Worst-credible release study involving a single-point exhaust stack discharge
  • Syngas scrubbing and containment system review  

Micro-Electronics Fabrication

  • Hazardous Production Material (HPM) gas fire preliminary hazard and task analysis of an STS Advanced Oxide Etching Tool

Academic and Post Graduate Professional Development

  • Systems Safety Analysis, SA 345,  Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Robert McClay, CSP, Spring 1985
  • Fundamentals of Process Safety Management for Industrial Hygienists, Arthur D. Little, Inc., Training Institute for Environmental, Health and Safety Management. AIHA PDC 1 & 50, New Orleans, May 15-16, 1993.