Presentations and Poster Sessions

Crooks, S.M. and G. Clark (1997). “Pharmaceutical Development of a Synergistic Cytotoxic Combination.” A paper presented at the 1997 Potent Drug Subgroup seminar, Cary, NC

Crooks, S.M., When Exposure Control Efforts Override Other Important Design Considerations, Retrospective Case Study – Design of a Laboratory Animal Necropsy Lab, 8th International Conference on Ventilation, May 13-18, 2006 Chicago, IL

Crooks, S.M., Overview of the draft Z9.8-200X  standard, Fundamentals Governing the Management, Operation, Maintenance, and Testing of Existing HVAC Systems for Maintaining Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Employee Occupancies through Dilution Ventilation, AIHA Carolina Section Annual Meeting, 2003.

Crooks, S.M., Update on the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Z9.5 Standard on Laboratory Ventilation, Controlled Environment Testing Association 18th Annual Meeting, Scottsdale AZ, April 12, 2010.